Business sector: Waste recycling processes


Activity: (illustration chart)
Development of thermo-chemical processes for the conversion of hydrocarbon-containing wastes into secondary raw materials with a focus on the production and application of hydrogen - the universal energy vector of the future.


Development of waste utilisation processes up to
marketability. Marketing of plants and/or licenses.


Patents deposited:
1) Luxotherm-Melt-Process, (FR)
2) Luxotherm-Metal-Chloride-Process, (FR), (DE)
3) Luxotherm-OHC-Process, (FR), (DE)


Actual stage:
After viability studies on the laboratory and pilot scale, carried out with reputable international partners (Fraunhofer) from research and industry,
the processes are now on the brink of industrial realisation.

All thermo-chemical processes of the Luxotherm family present following criteria:

  • deliver valuable secondary raw materials (hydrogen, alkali hydrides, alkali carbonates and metal chlorides) from waste.
  • work basically residue-free and emit No CO2
  • particularly environmentally sound and climate-compatible
  • ecologically and economically reasonable materials life cycle
  • efficient energy use
  • outstanding profitability related to high cost saving potential for waste disposal on the input side and the proceeds for value-added materials and energy on the output side.

When linking processes together, an even bigger, yet unexploited potential emerges for embarking on a new strategy for the production and application of regenerative hydrogen.

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